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General tips 

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  • Many people believe that they do not need hearing aids, but many audible sounds, especially those that affect speech understanding, are incomprehensible. 

  • The benefit of hearing aids varies from person to person. 

  • Don't wait until hearing loss becomes a problem. 

  • Our mission is to help the hearing impaired hear better and communicate more. 

  • The hearing aids must be removed before showering. 

  • You should not be exposed to intense noise as it can affect hearing. 

  • The battery door of the hearing aid should be opened at night before going to sleep. 

  • You should avoid using cotton swabs to clean the ear. 

  • Care should be taken to reprogram children's hearing aids before returning to school for further learning. 

  • People who use firearms, swimmers, musicians, and factory workers are advised to use earplugs to preserve their hearing. 

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