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The taste of high-tech hearing 

Advanced features in Zerena hearing aids deliver impressive sound quality. Sounds are amplified naturally and accurately with the focus on speech in noisy environments. The perfect choice for people who are looking for hearing aids that increase speech understanding in challenging listening situations, are easy to use, and provide a high level of listening comfort. 

Zerena in-the-ear hearing aids: so small they don’t interfere with your style 

If you think hearing aids change the way you look, think again. In-the-ear hearing aids from Bernafon are worn so deep in the ear canal they are invisible to the unsuspecting eye. And to add to the discretion, they come in a diverse palette of colors to match your skin tone. 


Ability to perceive sounds naturally, even the loud ones. 

Ability to focus on speech understanding in challenging hearing situations with less effort. 

Ability to provide wearing comfort in a wide range of highly noisy environments. 

Ability to provide easy use and handling in changing listening environments. 

Ability to configure the hearing system according to the users’ needs and preferences. 

Ability to connect the hearing system to Bluetooth® device for sound streaming and hands-free phone conversations. 




Dynamic Noise Management™ 


Dynamic Directionality 

medium focus 

Dynamic Noise Reduction 

4 settings 

Dynamic Amplification Control™ 


Speech in Noise 

4 settings 

Comfort in Noise 

2 settings 

Dynamic Speech Processing™ 


Frequency Bandwidth 

10 kHz 

Fitting Bands 


Dynamic Feedback Canceller™ 


Zerena 9

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